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Turns out, we’re not at odds, I just thought we were. You wanted me to make the first move. All this time you’ve actually loved me enough not to enable me but to push and challenge me to make a decision for you; to love on you, and to once again make you mine.

You’re my lifeblood; what makes me come alive. You’re absent of judgement, skepticism or criticism. In you, the muse, I can do, say, and be whatever I want with no filter, except for whatever you might happen to weigh on my heart for our unknown audience, when we decide there should be one.

You’re the only romantic relationship I’ve ever been in where the roles are reversed. It’s YOU begging ME for genuine commitment, not the other way around.

All you wanted was for me to get up, get moving, pin you down and make ridiculous, untamed, authentic love to you. All this time I’ve been sitting around waiting and asking YOU to inspire ME, and yet you’ve just waited for me to take hold of you and have my way with you. And it’s totally mutual; you’ve wanted me as much as I’ve wanted you. This is liberating.

Now I’m going to strip you word by word, sentence by sentence, paragraph by paragraph, dare I say page by page, and get busy crafting you to perfection while simultaneously embracing, indulging and even enjoying all of your lovely imperfections. We’ve been dormant for too long, tiptoeing around each other, afraid to offend or cross a line, or make each other uncomfortable. Enough is enough.

Let’s end all of that right here and now and get to work. Like long lost lovers reuniting in a sizzling culmination, I’m stepping off the plane, arriving at your doorstep. It’s been a treacherously long and exhausting journey, but at last we’re together again; now in a whole new way. I’m burning with desire to explore every last square inch of you. So let this post be the first spark that reignites what’s sure to become a raging, unstoppable inferno.


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