to the one who loves her next

She’s incredibly low-maintenance and simplistic. Sure, she likes “things” but they aren’t all that important to her in the grand scheme. This is a beautiful trait that I hope you realize and admire.

Blueberry bagels are her favorite, but she doesn’t like all things blueberry. Be careful around her when she’s drinking Wawa blackberry iced tea, she may want to throw it on you.

Please be gentle, kind, and infinitely patient with her. Never drill her for answers, just be calm and relaxed. Hold her hand across the dinner table and look her in the eyes. You’ll get lost in them, I promise.

Tell her you love her and tell her often. Life is too short and unpredictable; you never want to regret not having told her. Tell her every day.

She can unlock her phone with her toe. Her feet are cute, despite what she thinks.

She’d rather text, but encourage her to talk on the phone every once in awhile. What others see as her imperfections, I hope you see as the things you love the most about her and could never live without.

She’s much more on the introverted side unless you get her with her girlfriends and a few glasses of wine. She’s not one to talk, start conversations or ask questions, but that’s okay. Love these things about her because she is who she is.

Prepare to learn the most about her when she is with her friends and has had a little too much to drink. She’s talkative and funny in these situations. You’ll appreciate them, but you’ll also relish her quiet moments.

She’ll say, “I’m sorry for annoying you” but she’s never annoying. Not even a little bit.

She loves seafood, Family Guy, games, and sharks, and appreciates a good book when she has time for one.

She has no second wind.

She’s an incredibly dedicated leader when it comes to her career, and she’s both reliable and responsible.

Brand New is her all-time favorite. Case closed.

She’s independent and has a great head on her shoulders, but it breaks my heart that she feels anxious and insecure. Compliment her and point out the things you love about her, even if you think you sound dumb doing it, be a man and do it.

She has the softest baby cheeks known to humankind and the silkiest hair. There’s a little lump on the back of her head you’ll want to rub and make a wish.

Make her coffee in the morning, black with a touch of fat-free milk, and serve it to her in a bowl, not a mug.

She likes to pluck hairs. It’s best if you just let her do it.

When you’re driving with her on a road trip, and she asks you in a flirty way to pull over, do it.

Cradle her in your arms, rub her back and let her know she’s loved. If you can’t treat her like royalty, let someone else. If you’re anything like me, you’ll want to horde her for yourself and talk her on epic dates every weekend to places, restaurants, towns, and cities she’s never been. But bring her around your friends and family, too.

Be sure to make it to all the events she invites you to with her friends and family. Be a little more outgoing and less timid than I was.

Losing her is a permanent scar and a deep, heavy pain you’ll have to live with and carry forever. You won’t remember how to live without her, and you’ll go to bed and wake up nauseated, lost, and tormented. You will feel as if your best friend passed away. You can’t make her love you, even if you know you would lay down your life for her, but if she does love you, don’t ever let her go. Never second guess, doubt, compromise or take for granted the incredibly rare treasure that she is.

I beg you never to hurt her. She deserves the very best, whether she believes it or not. With her, you can rest assured that no matter what life throws your way, no matter what painful circumstances come about, that in her you’re rich and secure, and that’s all that will ever matter. Who cares what happens in life, as long as you’ve got her you’ll never have to ask God for anything ever again.


The one who waited for her.

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