On Writing

A writer who is intimidated by writing,who feels himself going mad because he cannot focus or get into a groove or get comfortably submerged beneath his work, be it fiction, essays, commentary, magazine features, love letters or short stories. The tormented writer wants all of these things. He wants to be immersed beneath his creations but is so intimidated by what does not yet exist. He wants to be into it but fears finding his starting place. He has too many ideas and scattered thoughts to sculpt in a specific direction. He wanders restlessly not knowing where to go, what to do. He both loves and hates his gift, but he wants no other. He was born a writer. Words are his essence, constructing them is his skill and challenge, his natural imagination the source of everything The Master Artist, The Origin of all has placed within him. He vows to write despite the obstacles of his mind. He vows to press on and become swept up by creativity. He goes forward and writes anyway. Even if it is without structure, without a plan or purpose that is clear, he writes ahead and lets the words fall where they may because eventually as he does so, they do. The picture starts to emerge and suddenly comes a story that needed to be set free.

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