My feet trek across cold sand through a subtle early morning mist.
The stillness of the sea is spread out before me, a limitless scope of blue constant. 
Thoughts race through my troubled and scattered brain as I climb into the empty lifeguard stand; dusted with sand and damp with dawn’s dew.
It’s all so beautiful but what is the purpose? What is the true intent of it all?
I examine the perfectly rounded lines on the tips of my fingers.
I try to call my thoughts into order before they race out of control.
I’m filled with wonder, awe and plagued with unanswered questions. 
I am so limited, bound and constrained by my brain, my body, a 24,000 mile globe.
Sea breeze nestles against my face, tossing my summer sun-kissed blonde hair.
The season is over, the shore is mine, but I get this feeling in the midst of my loneliness that I am anything but.
As the thoughts press on, the questions pile up.
I finally exclaim, “I need to hear You!”
And suddenly, before the last word reaches my lips an ocean wave breaks, crashes against the beach with a beautiful thud and an expanding hiss.
It sucks back into the murky blue only to form again.
It’s then I see The Artist in everything.
The Intelligent Design behind my entire surroundings, my entire existence, all that I know.
I sense the unlimited in the tiniest details of the beautifully well-constrained. 
The Artist has made Himself known.
Rest and peace pervade. 
All is calm.
Another wave breaks. 

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