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an open letter

To my found treasure(s)

Although we’re merely an idea in my mind right now, one day we will all be together.  I think about you, the family that we will be and long to discover and watch what is sure to be our clever uniqueness unfold.  I can’t wait to share your passions and dreams, goals and ambitions and teach you and encourage and build your imaginations.

Every year I take this day to write a letter to my noble pursuit, my one day wife to be, but this year I want to include all of you, my future son(s) and or daughter(s).  I long for the day when it’s only you guys that mean this whole world to me, and nothing more.

I see it like this… right now I might as well just let out all of this ambition, let it get the best of me, start building my small media empire, throw myself into it entirely, living and breathing it, getting it all off the ground because when the wonderful time comes for My Found Treasure to join me and we eventually start this beautiful family, well then all of you will replace the priority in my life and I will be so glad and excited and eager to face the challenge of being the best husband and dad that I can be.

My Pop Pop was one of the most romantic, hilarious and noble men that I ever knew.  He was not wealthy by any means but he was the richest man on earth because of his genuine sacrificial unconditional love toward his wife and his kids and eventually their kids.  They, we, were everything to him, his found treasure that he cherished up until his very last breath of life.  My Mother can tell you that when he came home from work every day he would hug his wife so affectionately and tell her he loved her.  After over 50 years the two never went to bed angry with each other and I can honestly say I’ve never seen a man more in love than my Pop Pop.  He might have lit up Pall Malls like a machine, dropped certain words frequently like the infamous “ah, horseshit!”  and of course, jumbled up the news from his hours of CNN intake especially as he got older, but to me, the man is a Legend.

The story continues with another man of the same noble nature, a man whose love for a woman kept no record of wrongs, seeing an abused divorced girl with children and falling madly in love with her.  He too, tapped into what many talk about but few actually experience, that is true love.  When his wife passed away he was left alone and displaced.  When my Pop Pop passed away my Grandmother was also left alone and displaced… until these two, by destiny, met and married.

It’s one of the most encouraging stories for me in recent years, something I’ve  had the honor of watching unfold.

Despite all of my ambitions and endeavors and projects and career focused mindset, one day, when it all comes down to it, I really  just want the real riches that those two genuine, goodhearted, respectful  men experienced.

I don’t know any of yous (yes, “yous” I shall instill the Philly lingo in you no matter where we end up) yet but I can sometimes envision some of you and I’m assured of your future existence.  I can’t wait to take part in all of your activities, see your gifts and talents come to fruition, guide you through life experiences, stress and worry about you, spend every last penny on all of you because at that point, all of you will be my entire life.

I can’t wait to tell my daughter how incredibly beautiful she is and to guard her heart and disregard the many Gastons in life, knowing there are not enough Beasts but to be like Belle, assured that there must be something more.  I can’t wait to one day tell my son that there are noble princess’ out there, just not enough that wish for a prince, but there is one out there for him if he’s patient and pursues only her.

I can’t wait to pour into your lives, go to the ends of the earth for you, accept you no matter what and do anything and everything for you.

I’m at the stage of the game where the path is being prepared for all of you guys, for our insane adventures and our epic lives together.

Until then, just know that even now, you are so very very loved.

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