the most ignored Human Rights Crisis

With the recent death of the oppressive Kim Jong-il, the world ought to be reminded that there is no country on this planet with less freedom than North Korea.  Although we may (rightfully) make fun of the deceased dictator for his bizarre claims and behavior and laugh at his puppet like character, let’s not be ignorant to what the people of his country face.  Below is a letter that will give you more insight into this world without any form of freedom.  Read it through and support my noble friend as she travels as a voice on behalf of the voiceless.




“Nomads change the world by bringing the stories of North Korea to those who have the power to make a difference. Those whose lives are touched by the nomads advocate for North Koreans and, in turn, are liberated themselves by realizing the potential they wield to aid people in oppression. Nomads are the heart of the grassroots movement and that catalyst that starts this freeing process.”
Dear Friends, Family & Fellow Humanitarians,The state of affairs in North Korea is the most ignored Human Rights Crisis happening in the world today. Since the early 1990’s millions have starved, hundreds of thousands have been imprisoned in concentration camps and tens of thousands have attempted escape and many of them have died trying. North Korea is land with virtually no freedoms; there exists no freedom of speech, assembly, religion, or movement. This situation does not get much better for those North Koreans who are able to escape the iron fist of Kim Jong-il, for they are not welcomed by neighboring countries. If found, refugees face repatriation back to North Korea, at which point they face certain death.This Spring, I have been accepted for an Internship with Liberty in North Korea (LiNK). On January 9th, I will be moving into a house with all of LiNK’s interns where I will spend a few weeks training and booking screenings for an Awareness Tour. I, along with two other teammates, will hit the road for ten weeks as a Nomad. The purpose of this tour is to show a film called “Hiding” in an effort educate people about the North Korean crisis. These tours provide opportunities for individuals and groups to change the lives of North Koreans through education, advocating and raising funds for resettlement programs and rescue operations.

LiNK is a non-profit and all of the interns are volunteers, so I will not be getting paid. This is why I am writing to you: to ask for your help in making this trip a possibility. LiNK asks that all Nomads raise a $1,000 stipend for the tour. This is direct support that will cover the cost of food and incidental living expenses during the period of participation in this unpaid internship that would otherwise be taken away from the LiNK General Fund. I know money is tight for everyone right now, but every little bit helps. $5 or $10 makes a difference. Since the moment I learned about what was going on in N. Korea I have been filled with a passion for the people of North Korea. I have what it takes to be a nomad and make a difference in this very special way and would hate for finances to be the only obstacle. If you are unable to help monetarily, that is okay—just keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I travel around the country. If you would like to donate, please make your check payable to LiNK and send it to:

1751 Torrance Blvd, Suite L
Torrance, CA 90501

Please be sure to write my full name on the memo line so they can deposit it into my account.


By clicking here, money Can be sent directly to a PayPal Account that has been set up for the purpose of raising funds.

Please note that all donations are tax deductible.
Thank you very much for your support.While on the road, I will be keeping a blog at, please feel free to follow my trip.
If you would like to learn more about LiNK and the North Korean crisis, you can visit their website at
www.LiNKGLOBAL.orgBlessings and Thank You!

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