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So what do we do with our shattered confidence?  Can it be restored?  Whether you agree with the Occupy movement or not, there is no denying that there are some serious problems not only with America, but the entire world.  Not that there hasn’t always. You can agree or disagree all you want with the protests, but you cannot sit back and say everything is okay and on the right track.  Absolutely not.  And the most bizarre part is that we knew it was heading towards this, for years… and now there’s been an awakening and the people are restless, on all sides of the political spectrums.

Uprisings all throughout Europe, the Middle East and now our doorstep… There’s Occupy protests in over 1000 U.S. cities and throughout the world.. We’re entering a new era of The Great Disruption where the extremely wealthy completely isolate themselves from the other classes, the middle class dwindles away , and the giant corperations and investment groups control the wealth and the government, as they have for too long.

We the people have let this happen… Take a look at the wealth distribution in Congress.  Pretty fair representation of America, right?  Ha.  Most of these people are totally bought, they’re in the top 1%, and it’s not that they should be condemned for being in that top percent, especially if they have worked hard to get there, it’s just not an accurate representation of America to have only these people with tons of money being able to use that for a much greater political influence than the 99%.  What you have is pretty much insider trading under the guise of democracy.  Just look at Nancy Pelosi’s cozy relationship with Visa.  Oh but that’s a right wing smear… no… it’s the truth. (Besides, The Daily Beast wrote that article!

What’s with people, especially in America, when it comes to the truth? (well, I guess the media is to blame mostly… instead of telling people the information so they can make their own opinions they can’t help but tell them what to think based on their network’s camp, right or left) Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is demonized in this country, even considered a cyber terrorist.  For what?  Exposing the truth about large companies and governments for free via the internet?  Yet Mark Zuckerberg can give all of our personal information to corporations for money and is awarded man of the year.  Most companies are not investing in manufacturing anywhere and full time, pay raises, company contributions.. all endangered species.

It just really sucks that the occupiers who want to take a stand and do something, keep disintegrating (sometimes) into these violent, dirty mobs who defecate on city hall, do drugs and have sex and in some cases prevent those within the 99% like cops and construction workers, fom being able to do their jobs… so what is the answer?

The occupiers are attracting a hell of a lot of crazies (in the midst of those who know what they’re talking about) and sometimes thieves and rapists that see the camps as opportunities.  There are anarchists and constitutionalists, people who are unemployed, those facing foreclosure, students drowning in debt they have no way of paying back, people who only listen to biased media, people who try to see from all angles, and then there are those with jobs, who live comfortably, but see the point and realize something is wrong with the current flawed system.  However, as I have written before, there just isn’t a solid unified end game scenario.. 
It’s not about the end of capitalism, it’s about the end of this messed up version of it and the putrid love affair between Wall Street and Washington.  At the very least, whether you agree or not with Occupy, it keeps a much needed conversation going, bringing the dire corrupt situation into the limelight.  And then people like Mayor Bloomberg, the 12th richest man in America, who only help the situation by drawing so much attention to it based on his decisions.  It will be interesting to see what side of history he ends up on, what side of history all of this will..  Sure there are some good politicians out there that really do want to represent their people, but big business, big banks and many big politicians have all lost touch with reality and the American way, where it’s become all about greed and power.

The occupiers may or may not be doing this thing right, but at the very least it keeps a conversation going that would otherwise get swept under the carpet and buried underneath all the mighty influence of those will all the power, money and control.  We live in a place where a protest in the name of equality and freedom from what these people feel is corporate domination, that holds up some traffic,  results in hundreds of arrests and yet the filming of a movie scene can hold up traffic for days for the financial benefit of corporate domination. New York welcomes it and gives you tax breaks.

Today we saw bankers fighting back, holding up their own signs that said Occupy a desk, get a job… like it’s that easy, you just walk right in.  Because we all know there’s an abundance of jobs out there, companies are just desperate to hire people, especially those who have earned it, never those who just know somebody and have always had money to start with… (sarcasm!)

History is being made, not sure what’s going to happen, but it’s happening, and I know so many people who are totally apathetic towards it, don’t even know it’s going on and haven’t even looked into it, just simply trusting their one or two sources (that are, of course, in their camp).  

When I first stepped foot in Zuccotti Park on the first day of Occupy Wall Street, I had absolutely no idea that it would become the giant global movement that it is today.  I went to scope it out, get the story, a natural journalistic inquisitiveness, but I honestly did not think it would become what it is now.  The truth is, the people arent backing down, and I think it will eventually, violently, after much future bloodshed, end with corporations no longer running what will then become The Fallen States of America.  

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