Full Circle

For over a month I waited patiently for a response. Every day I checked my email, refreshed it over and over hoping this would be the day I would finally hear something from her. But soon I realized in the depths of my heart, it would never come. The longer I waited, I slowly started to gain back my once diminished self confidence, and it was then I finally realized I was worthy of a response, even if I didn’t get one.

What should have been an exciting time of celebration in my life, moving to a new town in a new apartment with a new job, was met with anguish, lack of sleep, a heaviness in my chest and in my back, pent up anxiety, fear, and depression.

A year later it all came full circle, I was back in the same place in which she found me: completely alone, all to myself, in my own life, my own apartment, my own job, my own town, always hoping and praying for someone to share it with.

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