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    What Lies Beneath

    To think that some of the greatest works of art in human history are not encased in museums and galleries but deep beneath cities, on the walls of abandoned subway stations. The ruins of mankind are exceptionally beautiful.   (photo taken on September 14, 2013 beneath the downtown city of Rochester, New York. The underground subway operated between 1927-1956 before it was abandoned and left to decay)

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    Summer’s Lease Hath All Too Short a Date

    Sprawled out on a blanket, a mid-September’s dusk settles over the beach. My feet dig beneath the fluffy, cool white sand while a still warm ocean froths and lapses against the shore. The wind in your strawberry blonde hair covers your large blue eyes but I can see you smile, you beautiful pink lips coated with invisible kisses I smothered you with all Summer. You were the best thing to ever happen to me, hands down. We met before the season officially started, introduced at a crowded party one evening along the bay. From the moment I caught glimpse of you I thought you angelic, standing out among everyone else…

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    My feet trek across cold sand through a subtle early morning mist. The stillness of the sea is spread out before me, a limitless scope of blue constant.  Thoughts race through my troubled and scattered brain as I climb into the empty lifeguard stand; dusted with sand and damp with dawn’s dew. It’s all so beautiful but what is the purpose? What is the true intent of it all? I examine the perfectly rounded lines on the tips of my fingers. I try to call my thoughts into order before they race out of control. I’m filled with wonder, awe and plagued with unanswered questions.  I am so limited, bound…