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the media’s race war obsession

As gernades and gunshots ricochet off buildings and homes in the Syrian city of Homs and thousands of people are placed in labor camps, cut off from all of the world in North Korea, the American mainstream media insists on focusing on the real priorities, what they know will stir people up and generate a lot of clicks and viewers… Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman.  Yes, somehow this tragedy trumps the genoicde in Syria, the child soliders in Uganda, sex trafficking both globally and right here in the suburbs of U.S. cities and the immense poverty and corruption overtaking America in places like Detroit, Camden and Atlantic City.

In all honesty, it’s disgraceful how the media has covered this story… how drug out it is, and so many can agree.  The world is in danger, economic collapse still lingers on the horizon, there’s little to no leadership in Washington from the gridlocked House and Senate to the White House to the GOP.  Conservatives and liberals ought to be ashamed of themselves for how they are actively inciting a race war, using this story to talk about where they stand on gun control and easy access to buy 9mm ammo online blaming each other’s political parties…  For some reason, this narrow minded American media only sees Red and Blue, no matter what the story.   We get it, and quite frankly, it’s annoying.

Today is different though, and I feel like the older generation is going to have to learn that the hard way.  The internet has opened up the door to so much that a lot of educated people are tired of this and see it as juvenile.  We live in a new era of almost global free expression and growing transparency and accountability… these games are getting old and the enlightened among us are not falling for it anymore.  In fact, it’s becoming easier and easier to call out.  The other day I tweeted: “Genocide in Syria, death camps in North Korea, child soldiers in Uganda, poverty as a whole, sex trafficking > Trayvon Martin”  and it was instantly retweeted by a ton of other fed up people.

Again, not trying to belittle this tragedy, but the bottom line is unarmed black and white people are shot every day in America and the world.  So why is this dominating our headlines?  I think we know why..

What’s really shocking to me is Syria.  Such a blatant genocide and such little outrage.  To put it as plainly as possible, the majority are unhappy with the brutal dictatorship and Assad’s ruthless regime is doing everything it can to subdue “the rebels” and silence their voices.  The death-toll is immense and “cease fires” are simply untrue.  Does the U.S government not care that much about the Syrian genocide possibly because it has signed a contract for nearly $1 billion in business with Rosoboronexport — the Russian arms dealer that supplies the Syrian government with weapons capable of targeting homes and streets and murdering thousands of innocent Syrian civilians?  Probably has something to do with it.

But this stuff is uninteresting and doesn’t bother ignorant Americans.  It’s because we have become such an isolated country, and it’s as if only those who have stepped outside of it who know the difference.  Is the media catering to their ignorant audience or are they too being ignorant?  Hacked emails from the dictator’s wife, British born Asma Assad, show that she was joking and making fun of the people dying in Homs and lavishly spending money on the internet.  In regard to her husband, she claimed to be “the real dictator.”  Is this not more disturbing than George Zimmerman?  Well it should be.


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