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America’s oppressive education system

I have never had any school pride.  No matter where I went, the school colors, mascot or functions never appealed to me.  Certain teachers and friends made all the difference, helping to change and shape my life, the institution however, has done little to actually benefit me.  It is because school presented more red tape, road blocks, bureaucracy and stipulations than enriching learning and pointing me in the direction of my strengths.  I would go as far as to say school oppressed my gifts, talents, creativity and interests more than it helped them.  There were unforgettable teachers that went out of their way to teach and share their lives, those I am grateful for and will never forget, but the institution as a whole existed to make me jump through hoops, waste my time, and leave me drowning in debt.  It’s really no wonder I have always seen it as The Enemy.

It’s as if we’re totally trapped in this system that cannot be changed..

America has an oppressive education system. Creative people are held back due to tests, bureaucracy and stipulations that have nothing to do with what they actually want to do in life. It’s completely illogical and needs massive overhaul.  Someone explain to me why a student who is passionate about Law has to first major in something else and then go to graduate school for law?  Why isn’t there some kind of fast pass for people who actually know what the hell they want to do with their lives?  At this point I should have plenty of screenplays written, stories finished, articles published… way more than I have now.  But I couldn’t.  Because the system doesn’t work that way.  And since when did a standardized test ever reveal someone’s true knowledge, creativity and potential?

Not all, but most people have at least a very vague or general idea of what they’re interested in and skilled at by a very young age. It doesn’t take long to learn that you hate math and love writing, love science but hate English, are good at one thing and terrible at another. This is what makes us individuals, it’s why we’re all different and each have a skill set, passion, interest, talent that ‘should’ find its place in the world. However, there is the problem..

America’s Oppressive Illogical Education System does not allow for us to fully puruse our potential. Sure there are ways around these massive obstacles placed in front of us, plenty of time wasting hoops to jump through, but why are those obstacles even there in the first place? It simply does not make sense why an English major who’s interested in, passionate about and skilled at writing needs to be stuck taking math courses their senior year of college or through some ridiculous standardized test in order to get into grad school where they would be specializing in something that has nothing to do with math.

It makes no sense why a math major who’s interested in problem solving, passionate about and skilled at equations needs to be stuck taking English courses their senior year of college or through some ridiculous test in order to get into grad school where they would be specializing in something that has nothing to do with writing.

Let’s just be logical about this.. if you have an idea of what you’re good at and enjoy doing, start BUILDING ON YOUR STRENGTHS and GO IN THAT DIRECTION. That is what schools should be doing, instead, you must struggle through your weaknesses that hold you back from your strengths.. and for what? Nothing. Because Journalism majors don’t need to know insane math formulas and math majors don’t need to be able to write effectively and creatively. 

The system is out of order, and anyone with any logic has to see that it needs to be changed. There should be no reason someone should be oppressed by something that they will never use or do in their life.

Education needs to be about pursuing passion, skill, interest and talent. Sure, liberal arts are important, we need to be able to experience other areas of study and get a feel for the world. There is nothing wrong with that, in fact, it’s essential. But to the extent to which America takes it is wrong and oppressive. Especially when fields are at the complete opposite ends of the spectrum.

Let’s get real and end this nonsense so our children and future generations can actually go on to do what they’re called to do.
Every passionate, creative, purpose driven person can agree as well as all walks of life, political spectrum’s, religious ideologies.. it’s just a basic human concern and America’s people shouldn’t have to live under the ridiculous time wasting oppression any longer.

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