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    The Divine Preference

    He delivers the afflicted by their affliction and opens their ear by adversity Job 36:15 ‘If need be.‘ That is how Peter describes being grieved by various trials. Sometimes, if not often, God thinks it is good, right, and needed, to endure such stretching, to work out His Son in us who believe. This ‘chastening‘ can be painful, yet wounds that break us down, crucify, expose us, and bring us closer to Christ become wounds we are paradoxically thankful for. I have been mulling over the line between grace and tolerance, hurt and pride… what I perceive to be complicated in my adult mind has a simple childlike answer: to…

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    The Hope of Glory

    “… Christ in you, the hope of glory” – Colossians 1:27 The thatched roof crackled under the weight of the men who clawed about furiously to create an opening. Inside, Jesus stood surrounded with barely any space to move. The crowds encompassed the house, peering through windows, listening from nearby walls. The men were determined, they needed their paralyzed friend to get to Jesus, and they stopped at nothing. Soon, a portion of the roof collapsed in a heap of dust, and the men lowered their friend on a stretcher directly in front of Jesus. What they knew in their mind about Jesus had gone to their heart. When faith…

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    Unto Him

    Not my will, but Thine… the result? All our hurts and pains leading us to a place of service and love, to enter realms where we don’t need to think of ourselves but upon the needs of others, putting our lives into a much-needed perspective.